Men want respect way more than s*x. As women, on the other hand, mostly just want to feel secure and treasured.  Let’s face facts, a woman with her man isn’t really charged with responsibilities of planning and executing plans. A real man wants to fulfill your needs and take care of you but all these come with a little sacrifice.

Respect they often say is reciprocal. What does it mean? it means men too have emotions or ego to protect in which to an extent value it so much. You don’t criticize, advice, attack or judge your man. You don’t innocently ask why he did or didn’t do something. You don’t suggest he does something a differently. Saying things like “What does it look like? “You always do that!,” “You shouldn’t do that,” “I wouldn’t do that,” “Why would you do that?,” “Why didn’t you do that?,” “Maybe you should do that” and so on.

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