Americans everyday carry bottles of water with them to everywhere they go, have you ever asked why? even without being told water is the secret of life… instead of smoking one pack of cigarette a day or taking in rolls of weed and substances daily, if you cultivate the habit of drinking much water daily you’ll enjoy your life while you still live. I’m making it elaborate as this post explains benefits of taking much water daily.

Meanwhile drinking too much water could affect your health though, but at least it’s advisable you take 3.7 liters of distiled and chilled water daily(for men). For women, take 2.7 liters of distiled and chilled water daily. medically proved!

For athletes or anyone about to engage in a physical activity that will make you sweat, drink 1.5 to 2.5 extra cups of water to compensate for the fluid loss. Because sodium is lost through sweat perspiration, drinking a sports drink that contains sodium will help replace and balance out the increased water intake while reducing the chances of developing hypothermia.

Anger Management is one of the best reasons i ever wanted to always have water around me, did you know that drinking a lot of water when you are angry helps to calm your nerves down? are you hot tempered? try this and see the magic. preferably cold glass of water will absolutely tarnish the sense of anger once taken or absorbed.

benefits of drinking enoough water daily

DIGESTION is another reason i love to take good amount of water, did you know that taking a glass of water 5-10mins before or after eating helps your body system to digest?

NOTE: It’s not good to eat and drink at same time, while water is need in the dining is due to food passing through the wrong track, instead of choking you can drink water to push it down! instead water is meant to be taken 5-10min after/before eating.

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