Get a Natural & Soft Skin Tone in 7 Days

You’d be learning a natural way to get a natural soft and smooth skin tone in 7 days after you’ve read this article till the end! alot of girls rush and buy all sort of creams and skin supplements just to make then have a natural and soft skin, without knowing you could have the best natural and soft skin tone with the below recipe.

Does your skin tend to get dry, flaky and rough, especially during the colder months of the year? Babies naturally have skin that’s silky soft, but the years tend to take a toll on our skin as we age. This post would show you How to get a natural & soft skin tone in 7 days. 

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To look beautiful, you have to maintain your skin health by proper dieting and skin care routine. Your daily skin care practices helps a lot to have a glowing and natural skin. The cause of dull and dry skin could vary from Lack of sleep, depression, poor nutrition, environmental pollution, harsh weather and ultraviolet rays, allergic skins. The best solutions for skin care and treatment are home remedies.

Get a natural & soft skin tone in 7 days

Eat more fruits 
No matter how many skin care products you get to use and apply on your skin, if you aren’t eating healthy food and fruits to nourish your skin from within, your skin will look dull, unhealthy and undernourished. To maintain a good and fine skin you have to keep away from sugary drinks, junk food and processed snacks, etc.. Eating fruits like;

Apple – has Malic acid which promotes firm and youthful skin

Banana – has Potassium which moisturizes and hydrates the skin,

Avocados – has Biotin/Vitamin B7, which promotes cell regeneration and new skin growth,

lemon –  Naturally lightens and tightens up the skin,

pineapple –  has Bromelain which naturally exfoliates the skin when used topically,

strawberry – has Anti-oxidants which helps prevent wrinkle formation on the skin,

papaya – has Papain enzyme which counters free-radical skin damage,

almonds, walnuts and peanuts – nuts are rich in vitamin E which is one of the best vitamins  get a natural & soft skin tone.

these fruits would make your skin glow and have a soft tone everyday which makes you look healthier .

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